Part 1: Surf Trip FAQ’s Answered

Surf Trip FAQs

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months trudging knee deep in the depths of a variety of surf forums. The following piece is addressed to help narrow down some of the most reoccurring questions and concerns that traveling surfers face on a regular basis. However, if you don’t feel like going through this article … Read More

Most Commonly Forgotten Items While Packing For a Surf Trip

packing essentials

I had just landed in France for the very first time. I could not wait to eat copious amounts of food, binge on Bordeaux’s cheapest wines and hit up the notoriously wild beach breaks. The anticipation has been building for the last fifteen hours of travel all of the way from San Diego, through Paris and finally down to Biarritz. … Read More

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

How’s your mindset around credit cards?  Most people have a consumer mindset around credit cards – they have negative idea’s engrained into their subconscious from years of conditioning.   Problem is they don’t know how to use them and even fear them (at times these folks even experience paranoia like cutting them up frantically).  Folks the problem is not the … Read More

Best Surf Destinations to Visit During Holidays

Bali Surf Trip Seminyak La Plancha Bean bag

If you travel and surf a lot you have likely, by coincidence, ended up abroad on a surf trip while there is a national holiday, observance or festival taking place.  Lucky you, we have found that some of our most epic trips & memories have occurred during these festive times – whether by design or coincidence. It just makes sense, people … Read More

Sharkiest Surf Towns


The chances of running into an apex predator are astronomically rare. The odds are so slim, in fact, that a person has a far greater chance of just about anything than coming face to face with a shark. Naturally though, as surfers, we’ll never completely block out the thought of running into our sharped tooth friends while enjoying our favorite pastime. Here are … Read More

Travel Tips: Packing Your Surfboard Bag For Your Next Flight


Most surfers like to travel and going on a surf trip is an wildly exciting experience. Whether it is to avoid the crowds, finding perfect waves or simply a change in scenery, surf trips are almost always worth the effort. It is crucial that preparation is involved as to enjoy the trip to its maximum potential. The majority of surfers often take … Read More

Financing Your Next Surf Trip

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Traveling is expensive, plain and simple. Between the transportation costs, whether it be gas, tickets, or airline fees, the expenses can really add up and become a burden on any traveler’s wallet. While there are many expenses that are nearly impossible to avoid, there are more ways now than ever to finance a surf trip through different means. The tricky … Read More

Savvy Surf Travelers Prefer Unique Places To Stay (and Why You Should To)

Funky Cottage Live Swell Surf Trip Raglan NZ

How people travel and stay today is changing dramatically, have you noticed?  If not, its totally cool, but you may be missing out. “The only thing that is constant is change.” ― Heraclitus For example, companies like Airbnb and SurfBreakRentals, both online platforms that allows users to list, rent and find lodging are growing in popularity everyday. “Rent unique places to stay from local … Read More

How To Make Travel To Surf Towns Affordable

Fire in the Sky Coolangatta Live Swell Surf Trip-imp

When you hear the name Johnnie Cochran you probably don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling or think of traveling to beach towns.  Johnnie Cochran is best known for getting a major pop culture icon with a marginal amount of talent acquitted of a crime he totally committed. I’m talking of course about the time he represented Puff Daddy on … Read More

The 2 Biggest Expenses on Surf Trips & What to do About It

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

As surfers we are bound by the common burning desire to find great waves so we travel to epic surf destinations on surf trips.  Most of us live in parts of the world that simply don’t get great surf all the time, unless you live in Bali or Hawaii, two of the best places to surf in the world.  Lucky … Read More