The founders of Live Swell Beach Bungalows have invested years into their Real Estate Businesses and education. They have been involved in numerous real estate transactions including, mobile homes, single family renovation + rehab projects, traditional rentals and underwritten loans as private money lenders for short term real estate investment deals. When approaching the short term vacation rental business they approached it differently then most.

What they have been able to develop is a “systems dependent business” that is reproducible and scalable. They consistently outperform the competition with less time investment and pride themselves on operational efficiencies and service.

If your looking to become more efficient in your short term rental business, grow your portfolio and keep yourself safe in your vacation rental investments we can help save you hundreds of hours, lots of money and stress.

Our Business Systems

– Property Acquisitions & Funding (“You make your money when you BUY!”)
– Property Structuring & Asset Protection
– Valuation & Investment Performance Analysis
– Effective Listing Description (w/ Hypnotic Language)
– Guest Communication Timelines + Message Content
– Guest Review Strategy
– Renovation Processes
– Building Your Team & Hiring
– Social Media
– Automation
– Exceptional Customer Service + Secret Service