Playa Grande Surf Break – Costa Rica Surf Vacation Finale

Our last day and a half in Costa Rica was disappointing, not because of the surf break, but due to the absence of a local legend Uncle Billy, former owner of the Rancho Privado…a surf motel situated inside a protected national park where giant sea turtles come to lay egg’s in the winter season. Billy, was not concerned so much … Read More

How To Take the Headache Out of Packing For a Beach Trip

Beach lovers, surfers and waterman are notoriously forgetful. Not sure if it is the beach culture itself, just a common bond or something else. Anyway, forgetful or not, one of the worst things on a beach trip or surf vacation is missing critical gear that you forgot to pack. Like, whoops! “Forgot my surf trunks, crap! What do I do now?”  Hopefully, … Read More

Surf Vacation Rental vs Hotel = No Brainer

Coastal Cottage Zushi Beach Surf Trip 2015-imp

Hotels can be cool, however, they definitely leave much to be desired, especially on a surfing vacation. Here’s why: Value: Usually, much less cost per night (this is very impact full when a few friends or family members plan to divide the rental cost). This can result in 50% discount from hotels, leaving you more time on your surf vacation … Read More

5 Best Pacific Beach Restaurants to Recharge After Surfing

Mission Beach, San Diego, California. One of California's best beach towns.

You’re Hungry! What are the best Pacific Beach Restaurants? We have all had it happen, you arrive to a new location like Pacific Beach, CA…maybe pretty tired and even a bit hungry and you wonder just what are the best Pacific Beach restaurants? But its a new location so you don’t know the score on the local food joints yet. Bummer…so you ask around … Read More

Seduction by Pancake? Not Your Typical Surf Vacation

In an earlier post I wrote about our February run to Victoria BC where finding surf breaks did not turn out to be the focus…Here I wanted to write a couple notes regarding how a great host can impact your surf vacation rental experience… We met our host, Meg, kind of unannounced the afternoon of the first day we arrived … Read More

How to Make Your Next Business Trip Your Next Epic Surf Trip

My friend Brian and I travel a bunch for work. That comes with good and bad. We have learned how to take advantage of airline reward programs (built up some sizable balances any surf traveler would envy) and have had the opportunity to go to many places we may not otherwise have visited. On the flip side, there is the … Read More

The Best Kept Secret to Elevate Your Surf Experience

Michael in Berawa Surf Trip 07/10/2015

I am sure, you like me, wonder how to better your surfing. Well there are lots of ways from getting a coach, studying pro’s, more water time and upgrading equipment. One super quick way to get the most out of your next surf vacation and tear up your favorite surf break is to upgrade your fin set. I was like … Read More