Boutique Vacation Rentals GET PAID Premium Rates!

Summary of Boutique Vacation Rentals Why Boutique Vacation Rentals How Live Swell built its brand of boutique vacation rentals Boutique Vacation Rentals have a “Unique Theme” Boutique Vacation Rentals are committed to customer service Our Boutique Vacation Rentals are renovated, modern and clean Why Boutique Vacation Rentals? The Vacation Rental and Airbnb Gamble: A Short Airbnb Story Imagine you are … Read More

5 SuperHost Ninja Tips to Convert More Lookers to Bookers

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Summary of 5 SuperHost Tips to Convert: How to increase views on Airbnb? Understand the Airbnb Search Algorithm Good Airbnb Titles and the Best Airbnb Listing Names Hire a professional RE photographer The Best Vacation Rental By Owner Listing Sites Airdna Marketminder Review 1. How to Increase Views on Airbnb and Other Listing Sites? Unfortunately, there is no magic potion, … Read More

Vacation Rental Expenses

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Vacation Rental Expenses Vacation rental expenses may be the topic most in the vacation rental industry they don’t want to talk about.  It’s the ugly side of the business for sure!  Some owners become inundated with vacation rental expenses and the dream quickly turns out to be a nightmare. Others figure out ways to manage these expenses.  They anticipate them … Read More

How to Get a Vacation House for Free – Superhost Secrets

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It’s said that home ownership is the “American Dream,” and that may be true for many, but for others seeking more options in life, a vacation house for free can add a lot of fun and additional income stream to the American Dream. If you love to spend time in a place near and dear to you a vacation home … Read More

What is OBX – top off the beaten path OBX things to do

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Guest Post: By Dillon North Carolina’s Outer Banks, also know as the OBX, is a strip of barrier islands that flank its Atlantic coast and is known for pristine beaches, jaw-dropping sunsets, and an interesting cultural mix of small-town colonial America and a laid-back summertime vibe. Here is our rundown on the best off-the-beaten-path activities in the Outer Banks. Explore … Read More

How and why make your AirBnb pet friendly?

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Will the dog eat my furniture? What if they bring pack of wolves, will they ruin my dream vacation home? What if a guests dog bites the neighbor’s kid? And don’t dogs shed a lot of hair? Questions and concerns like these run though all our minds when considering to make an AirBnb pet friendly. In the end we are … Read More

The “E” Myth Applied to Vacation Rental + Airbnb Hosts Business Model

The "E" Myth Applied to Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals

The “E” Myth Principle Applied to Vacation Rentals What is the best Vacation Rental Business Model? What is the best Airbnb Host Business Model? Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer. It depends on many factors, including how involved does a host want to be or can they be? Do they not want to be involved at all and … Read More

Live Swell’s Beach House Renovations Before and After

Magical Bungalow Beach House Renovations

Magical Bungalow OBX: Beach House Renovations Before and After Are you ready for a beach bungalow renovation? At Live Swell part of our proven process  is to find the ugly, the neglected and the beater homes most people shy away from.  This allows us to purchase beach properties at a deep discount.  The next step is to complete a bungalow … Read More

Vacation Rental DIY – When Your Wifi Stops Working

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Whether it’s because we are forced to stay connected for work or because these days it’s just so hard to completely unplug, if and when your wifi stops working, we made this wifi troubleshooting guide just for you! Of course we always want our wifi to be working strong for you, but sometimes, and it may even happen in your … Read More

Let’s find the Outer Banks Sunset

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Outer Banks sunset Sunrises and sunsets are always a fan favorite and somehow you often feel like “this is the best sunset I’ve ever seen.” The OBX proves no different. Join us as we show you some of our favorite spots for the best…Outer Banks sunset! Take a Bicycle Ride around the Outer Banks Sound Grab a beach cruiser or few … Read More