Podcasts Featuring Live Swell Founders Mike and Maria

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Podcast Featuring Live Swell Founders How to Build a Short Term Rental Brand  Host:  Neil Henderson, Commercial Syndicator + Short Term Rental Owner Podcast: “The Road to Family Freedom”  How to Build a Short Term Rental Brand with Michael Hamilton Practical Vacation Rental Investment with Michael Hamilton Host:  Heather Bayer, VR Owner, Manager + Industry Thought Leader  Podcast: “Vacation Rental Success”  VRS170 … Read More

Vacation Rental Insurance For Owners + Airbnb Host Insurance: The Breakdown

Summary:  Vacation Rental Insurance For Owners + Airbnb Host Insurance Vacation Rental Insurance:  The Skinny The Biggest Killers of Wealth:  Taxes + Lawsuits The Good News:  There is “custom penned” Vacation Rental Insurance for Owners Proper Insurance Reviews:  The Vacation Rental Insurance company we use Airbnb Host Insurance HomeAway Insurance Should you get Vacation Rental Insurance? Rad News for our blog … Read More

Vacation Rental Asset Protection

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Summary:  Vacation Rental Asset Protection The Biggest Killers of Wealth:  Taxes + Lawsuits Vacation Rental Asset Protection: A Short Story How do I protect my vacation rental? 3 Steps Do you know the Biggest Wealth Killers? It is said that the biggest killers of wealth are taxes and lawsuits.  One of the consequences of NOT being properly protected with owning real estate … Read More

Smartbnb Review

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Smartbnb Review Summary Smartbnb is a critical tool we leverage and have utilized at Live Swell Beach Bungalows for 3+ years, on multiple properties in multiple markets.  In this smartbnb review we will be discussing our experience with the product, team and smartbnb improvements.  As a bonus we will also cover why the leverage principle is so important and how … Read More

Boutique Vacation Rentals GET PAID Premium Rates!

Summary of Boutique Vacation Rentals Why Boutique Vacation Rentals How Live Swell built its brand of boutique vacation rentals Boutique Vacation Rentals have a “Unique Theme” Boutique Vacation Rentals are committed to customer service Our Boutique Vacation Rentals are renovated, modern and clean Why Boutique Vacation Rentals? The Vacation Rental and Airbnb Gamble: A Short Airbnb Story Imagine you are … Read More

5 SuperHost Ninja Tips to Convert More Lookers to Bookers

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Summary of 5 SuperHost Tips to Convert: How to increase views on Airbnb? Understand the Airbnb Search Algorithm Good Airbnb Titles and the Best Airbnb Listing Names Hire a professional RE photographer The Best Vacation Rental By Owner Listing Sites Airdna Marketminder Review 1. How to Increase Views on Airbnb and Other Listing Sites? Unfortunately, there is no magic potion, … Read More

Vacation Rental Expenses

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Vacation Rental Expenses Vacation rental expenses may be the topic most in the vacation rental industry don’t want to talk about.  It’s the ugly side of the business for sure!  Some owners are inundated with vacation rental expenses and the dream quickly turns out to be a nightmare. Others figure out ways to manage these expenses.  They anticipate them from … Read More

How to Get a Vacation House for Free – Superhost Secrets

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It’s said that home ownership is the “American Dream,” and that may be true for many, but for others seeking more options in life, a vacation house for free can add a lot of fun and additional income stream to the American Dream. If you love to spend time in a place near and dear to you a vacation home … Read More

How and why make your AirBnb pet friendly?

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Adds Value to the Guest Experience: If you are a dog owner, would you prefer to take the dog with you? Have them run on the beach with the kids? Or leave them home? In most cases guests view their dog as “part of the family.” Maria and I recently became parents to a beautiful black Labrador named Puka, we … Read More