Is the Outer Banks Open to visitors due to Covid-19?

We still wake up most mornings and it feels surreal that just a month ago the anticipation of the Outer Banks vacation rental season was beginning to buzz in the air, the weather was beginning to warm up, it looked like John’s Drive In was about to open and this past weekend would have marked the opening of most of … Read More

Totally Unique Vacation Rental Training Experience

Vacation Rental Training

Live Swell Introduces One-of-a-Kind Vacation Rental Training “Whats your secret sauce?” “Do you offer vacation rental training?” were the questions we continually received from guests, fans and other aspiring and established vacation rental owners.  I have to admit, in the beginning I did not want to give away our secrets.  These secrets and process we distilled over years and via thousands … Read More

Podcasts Featuring Live Swell Founders Mike and Maria

Live swell hat

Podcast Featuring Live Swell Founders How to Build a Short Term Rental Brand  Host:  Neil Henderson, Commercial Syndicator + Short Term Rental Owner Podcast: “The Road to Family Freedom”  How to Build a Short Term Rental Brand with Michael Hamilton Practical Vacation Rental Investment with Michael Hamilton Host:  Heather Bayer, VR Owner, Manager + Industry Thought Leader  Podcast: “Vacation Rental Success”  VRS170 … Read More

Vacation Rental DIY – When Your Wifi Stops Working

Tony Bright idea wifi

Whether it’s because we are forced to stay connected for work or because these days it’s just so hard to completely unplug, if and when your wifi stops working, we made this wifi troubleshooting guide just for you! Of course we always want our wifi to be working strong for you, but sometimes, and it may even happen in your … Read More

Airbnb Video Tour: Magical Bungalow OBX

Magical Bungalow OBX:  Airbnb Video Tour Take a Guided Airbnb Video Tour of the Magical Bungalow OBX with hosts and founders of Live Swell, Maria Feurer and Michael Hamilton. Enjoy! This guided tour will introduce you to our Magical Bungalow OBX, our most requested beach bungalow.  You will see many of the features that make the Live Swell bungalows different … Read More

Airbnb Video Tour: Avalon Beach Bungalow OBX

Avalon Breezeway Frog Flame sm (1 of 1)

Avalon Beach Bungalow OBX – Airbnb Video Tour Take a Personal Guided Airbnb Video Tour of the Avalon Beach Bungalow OBX with hosts and founders of Live Swell, Maria Feurer and Michael Hamilton. Enjoy! This guided tour will introduce you to the bungalow so you have an accurate look at what to expect and if its a fit. This video … Read More

Live Swell – Our Story

Live Swell Beach Tote

Live Swell Story In this short presentation you will learn about Live Swell, a growing brand of “limited edition” coastal vacation rental properties. Live Swell’s mission is to open the doors to the surfing lifestyle for travelers that dream about life near the ocean and waves. Currently they operate in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) and in … Read More

Live Swell’s Top 10 Surfing Quotes

Just as there have been many revolutionary great surfers who have influenced the sport of surfing, there are many surfing quotes that still make waves and influence us today. These quotes make us think, inspire us to travel and surf, and most important make us want to live the lives we want. Surfing quotes provide another another perspective and can … Read More

How to be a good vacation rental guest

Being a hotel guest is probably not a new experience for most modern travelers. It comes with a prescribed set of responsibilities that are familiar to just about everyone upon check in. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you probably slip into hotel-behavior-auto-pilot rather easily. But if you’re going the vacation rental route, you may be unaware of some of the … Read More