Live Swell has the experience, know-how, and vacation rental business model to offer you risk reduced opportunities in your vacation rental investment or Airbnb investment endeavors.

Whether you are looking to put money to work for you as a financial partner earning income passively, alternative investment options or for a “Turn-key” Vacation Rental (see our VR Lease Program).

Below you can learn from Live Swell Founder, Michael Hamilton, interviewed by Vacation Rental Success Podcast Host and Industry Thought-Leader, Heather Bayer aka “Cottage Guru,” regarding Vacation Rental Investment Strategy designed to give an investor a higher probability of success.

The Vacation Rental “Gamble”

Do Vacation Rentals Make Good Investments?

It depends!!! In "Practical Vacation Rental Investment Part 2","Live Swell, founder, Michael offers a detailed 7-point investment plan that covers risk reduction strategies, financial analysis, and how to develop systems to remove yourself from working "in the business" so you can spend more time working "on it."

Reduce The Risk + Headaches

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