Live Swell Master Lease Option Program Beach

Meet Your Favorite Beach Tennant

Improved NOI, reduced lease-up risk and exit strategy, whats not to love?

When you partner with Live Swell, our long term, secured lease reduces lease-up risk and significantly improves NOI over traditional apartment revenue models. Our Airbnb business model has been implemented in two of the most competitive vacation rental markets, San Diego, California and the Outer Banks of North Carolina and we are expanding.

We’re seeking to form long-term relationships, implementing our master-lease option model in your coastal muiltfamily buildings.

The Key Is In The Master Lease Option

We’ve developed a master lease option that is coupled with the Live Swell Proven Process to increase NOI.

Whatever amount of inventory you’d like to convert to boutique Live Swell hospitality units, whether an entire property or a single floor in a building shared with long-term residents we can help.

Send an email to with your goals and objectives and we’ll talk!