Outer Banks Seashells: Secrets from the “Shell Whisperer”

Live Swell obx sea shells

Finding Outer Banks Seashells Finding Outer Banks Seashells is mostly about timing and being first to the shell patch, what we refer to as “First Rake.” Can you wake up early? Real early?  Shells will wash up at all times of the day, however, there are some more likely times and conditions to be mindful of which can increase the chance … Read More

What is OBX – top off the beaten path OBX things to do

OBX aerial Greg Clay

Guest Post: By Dillon North Carolina’s Outer Banks, also know as the OBX, is a strip of barrier islands that flank its Atlantic coast and is known for pristine beaches, jaw-dropping sunsets, and an interesting cultural mix of small-town colonial America and a laid-back summertime vibe. Here is our rundown on the best off-the-beaten-path activities in the Outer Banks. Explore … Read More

Let’s find the Outer Banks Sunset

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Outer Banks sunset Sunrises and sunsets are always a fan favorite and somehow you often feel like “this is the best sunset I’ve ever seen.” The OBX proves no different. Join us as we show you some of our favorite spots for the best…Outer Banks sunset! Take a Bicycle Ride around the Outer Banks Sound Grab a beach cruiser or few … Read More

Avalon Pier Outer Banks – Why it could be your favorite pier

Avalon Fishing pier

What makes us grow attached to places? Maybe its the sounds of a loved ones laughter, the baby’s first steps, that dish that just melts in you mouth, the smell of fresh cut flowers, that embarrassing moment that became the inside joke. Whether good or bad, places for whatever reason can start to hold special places in our hearts and … Read More

How to Find a Whelk in the Outer Banks

How to not let a cloudy day rain on your next Surf Trip When you plan a visit to a beach town, its mighty difficult to plan the weather at the time you schedule your trip.  I mean, the weather channels have a hard time predicting weather in the next 72 hours let alone weeks or months out (depending how … Read More

Who Else Wants Uncrowded OBX Waves This Week?

Just so you know, the east coast has some of the best weather and waves this time of year, we are not biased we just know the best places to surf and best beach towns.  A fun sized swell event is lining up this week to litter the mid-atlantic and northeast shorelines.  Whether you surf or not, consider paying the … Read More

Best Surf Towns: Outer Banks Surfing and much more!

A Surf Trip to the Outer Banks Outer Banks Surfing and More! When I know I am about to plan my next surf trip to any one of the many surf destinations to choose from, I can’t help it but look through all of the different travel sites and tips on the best places to go. I often find there … Read More