The Only Private and Live In-Person Vacation Rental Training by Top Ranked Vacation Rental Owners

"The day we stop investing in vacation rentals is the day we stop our vacation rental training!"
Michael Hamilton

- Live Swell Founder

- Vacation Rental Confidential Author

Why Vacation Rental Experts Retreat?

After years of successfully building a boutique brand of coastal vacation rentals, Live Swell Beach Bungalows, and generating hundreds of thousands in "extra" income each year; many of Live Swell's guests, friends, family and investors continually asked, "What is your secret sauce?" or "How do I get started safely?" 

This unfortunately was not an easy or simple question to answer.  So Mike decided to write a book, Vacation Rental Confidential, to help serious aspiring and existing vacation rental owners.  By sharing his experience and some of the secret sauce in building a "systems-dependent vacation rental business," readers would learn a wealth of knowledge designed to help them on the path to be their own boss, generate income from anywhere and build wealth in vacation rental real estate.

It turned out many readers loved the Live Swell Model, Vacation Rental Confidential and the dream of vacation rental ownership, it just made logical sense to them. But, they wanted more. The readers and fans wanted wanted to feel what it is like to run a vacation rental business, they wanted to learn directly from successful vacation rental owners in person, they wanted to tour actual vacation rentals (and "on-market" vacation rental prospects). Most importantly, they wanted their fears addressed, like how to manage remotely, learning how to buy right, not getting bamboozled by phony contractors and building a solid team.  They wanted to be confident and that is smart!

So we created the Vacation Rental Experts Retreat, the ONLY on-site in person training taught by award-winning VR Owners at their own portfolio of properties!

What's Included in the Vacation Rental Experts Retreat?

Private Live Education

  • Private Live In Person Instruction with Live Swell Founders
  • Foundational VR + BnB Curriculum 101
    • VR Ownership Options
    • Live Swell Proven Process
    • Deal Evaluation Basics
    • Property Walk-Thru Basics
  • Foundational VR + BnB Curriculum 201
    • Building a Boutique Brand
    • Financing Basics
    • Negotiation Basics

Accommodation + Food 

  • 3 Night Stay Included at a Live Swell Bungalow (up to 4 people + a pet)
  • 1 Lunch and 1 OBX Experience Dinner Included

Ongoing Support 

  • (2) 30 Minute Consulting Calls
  • 1 Month Direct Email Access

On-Site Property Tours

  • Tour, Learn and Walk-Thru Live Swell Vacation Rental Properties
  • Tour, Inspect and Walk-Thru Actual On-Market Vacation Rental Opportunities

Property Listing Review 

  • Gain Expert Knowledge and Tips for Your Existing Rental Listing
  • Or Compare and Contrast an Amateur and Professional Listing

Business Systems, Tools and Resources 

  • Vacation Rental Confidential (Softcover)
  • Listing Conversion Blueprint
  • 7 Point VR Investing Plan
  • Raving Fan Review System
  • Check-In Doc Template
  • Rental Ready Checklist
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Experience Checklist
  • Automated Messaging Scripts
  • Inspections Checklist
  • Vacation Rental Expenses + Cash Flow Estimator
  • Access to Vacation Rental Resources + Vacation Rental Dojo

How it Works?

Simple!  Space and time at the Live Swell Bungalows is very limited.  After the Vacation Rental Experts Retreat has been paid for we work with our students to find a 3 night window that will work for everyone.

Vacation Rental Expert Retreat Schedule

*Travel to and from the Vacation Rental Experts Lab is NOT included

Vacation Rental Expert Retreat Investment Pricing


1 Student: $4,997

$500 per each additional student with a maximum of four total students.

*Adjustments to tuition made after payment is confirmed. Non-participating guests and pets are welcome for an additional $150.

Who the VR Experts Retreat is for?

  • Hosts & Owners who desire a higher likelihood of success + income
  • Action takers + hard workers
  • Hands-on learners
  • People who believe success leaves clues and want to model it
  • People who want to learn from real VR owners with real results
  • People open to thinking differently

Who the Experts Retreat is NOT  for?

  • Your looking for a silver bullet, puff or magic potion to success
  • Hype seekers or hype followers
  • You want to re-invent the wheel
  • Cynics (Healthy skeptics O.K.)
  • You seek the path of least resistance
  • Want it "Done for you"
  • Fixed mindset individuals