Dreaming of a Beach Vacation Rental? But Don’t Want the Property Search, Start-Up or Learning Curve Headaches?

Live Swell’s Vacation Rental Lease Option Program May Be a Fit!

Live Swell is a boutique brand of vacation rentals that opens the doors to the laid-back surf lifestyle. We now are opening the doors to Live Swell The Vacation Rental Lease Program.

The VR Lease Program is a unique opportunity easily enter the Vacation Rental Business and leverage a franchise-like vacation rental business model without the risk, complexities and costs of ownership.

Who the Vacation Rental Lease Program may be for?

People that don’t want to commit 100% to “buying” a property (but may want to) or are open to creative ways to buy vacation rental property that may not qualify for a bank loan

People who value their time that want to leverage a proven Airbnb business model + Limited Edition Brand, “Live Swell”

People looking to step into a fully functioning, highly ranked and performing “turnkey” vacation rental operation with a higher probability of success

People looking to join a progressive and collaborative network of passionate vacation rental hosts that want to learn, have fun and have a growth mindset

Who the Vacation Rental Lease Program is NOT for?

People who have a victim mentality, make excuses or are often negative

People who want something for nothing, we expect skin in the game and a commitment to do your best

If an person is looking to, figure out everything on their own, “Trail Blaze,” or has difficulty following systems

How the Vacation Rental Lease Program Works?

At various times we have vacation rental lease program opportunities come up. Download the “Vacation Rental Lease Program: How it Works” here. As available properties come up we will contact our entire list interested partners with the details to apply.

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