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It’s many people's dream to have a successful vacation rental business, make money on their own terms and have more options in life. Unfortunately, The reality for most people is this golden opportunity and golden geese remain just a fantasy. Disappointing as well,  the majority of those who have had the courage to take the ownership plunge rarely avoid the typical landlord hassles of short term rentals, feel stressed, are underfunded and often get run by the business.

What if a host had a proven blueprint to increase the likelihood of success, improve results and truly build this dream? Imagine what life would look like with additional income streams, retirement security and the opportunity to build a family legacy in a place you love with those you love. If your serious, believe success leaves clues and not just a dreamer Vacation Rental Confidential will will help to fuel a your lifestyle, create more options and help you live a dream.

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In Vacation Rental Confidential you will learn:

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The Author:

Michael Hamilton is an active and curious person that loves to travel, enjoy surfing, live by the beach and learn. After participating in dozens of real estate investment deals from mobile home investments, single family rentals, “rehab flips,” and underwriting short-term private mortgage loans and living in some of the most beautiful vacation destinations, Michael, fittingly decided to get into the hot vacation rental business. Over his investing career he has evolved into an ambassador of financial literacy and practical business education.

Michael, has also been featured as a guest on Cottage Blogger’s “Vacation Rental Success Podcast” multiple times regarding vacation rental investment and creating raving fans. Michael has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and a graduate degree in International Business form the University of California, San Diego.

About Live Swell:

Live Swell Beach Bungalows is a boutique brand of vacation rentals whose mission is to open the doors to the laid-back surf lifestyle. Live Swell's team approached the short term rental business differently than most owners; they committed to building a “system dependent” business, that is scalable and operates whether or not Michael or any one individual is physically present.

Live Swell has been recognized for their commitment to excellence as AirBnb Superhosts and HomeAway Premier Partners, two independent honors that differentiate hosts who provide outstanding experiences and exceptional reviews. In 2018, three of Live Swell’s bungalows have been ranked by AirDna, and independent AirBnb analysis & ranking company, in the top ten of over 380+ active rentals in the highly established and competitive Kill Devil Hills market and The Magical Bungalow OBX  has held the #1 spot.

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